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may, 2021

What Our Customers Say

  • “Got this as a present for a friend, but was very tempted to keep it for myself! It was gorgeous and my friend loved it. Even the smell of the wood was gorgeous!”

    Rebecca on 25 Jan, 2020
  • “The perfect gift for a friend who does lots of running. She loved it. Great quality and delivery was super fast. Thank you.”

    Caroline on 11 Feb, 2020
  • “Love it! Was able to request a change and it was so easy. Looks great, will definitely buy more when the wall space becomes available.”

    Vanessa on 09 Feb, 2020
  • “Perfect gift to put in my fiancé’s gift box, to reveal a surprise for his 30th. Highly recommend. Arrived quick and worth the cost.”

    jawin2 on 25 Jan, 2020
  • “Bought one of these my father-in-law, who can be quite hard to buy for. He absolutely loved it and when I told him that there were other tracks available he said “Well that’s all my gifts sorted for the next few years then!”. He’s a tough critic and really loved the ingenious idea and craftsmanship. Will be buying more!”

    Lauren on 28 Jan, 2020
  • “Gave it to my Uncle as a Christmas present - I’m no longer allowed to call it a coaster as he would rather see it on his wall than under his mug”

    Ashleigh on 22 Jan, 2020